What is an FR shirt and do I need one?

When a worker works in a hazardous environment, there are many more risks present and make it necessary to wear the proper clothing to protect yourself in a fire hazard environment. read and learn about FR shirts.

There are over 2000 burn related accidents at work reported each year. One of the risk factors’ of working in an area where arc flash or fire is present; is having fire related injuries. It is essential to use fire retardant clothing and equipment to minimize the risk of burn injuries. Keeping yourself safe depends most of the time on following safety instructions and using the right protective gear.

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FR apparel is needed where fire, sparks, heat or arc flash are present. If you work in an environment containing these risks, in order to avoid fatal injuries then a FR shirt will be your first line of defense in deterring these risks. Many times workers will wear traditional fabrics which can ignite and continue to burn. It is very easy to combat specific risks in work environment. FR treated fabrics are designed and treated to stop burning when the fire source is removed in contrast regular fabrics will continue to burn.

The hazards described are present in various work environment and flame resistant garments are essential for worker safety, With the right safety gear you may work comfortably and avoid the risk of injuries.

To summarize an FR shirt is a shirt treated to reduce the risk of burning and self extinguish while no longer exposed to the heat source

Our FR shirts adhere to a strict standard in the industry.

NFPA 70 is a “Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace” meant to protect those working around potential arc flash hazards. Usually, a hazard risk assessment is performed to determine the appropriate level of protective gear. Results are then categorized by arc rating and HRC levels. Our products are the lightest to carry products on your body with on the market dual-certified for NFPA 70E (HRC 2) and NFPA 2112 HRC2 protection- has an arc rating that is greater than or equal to 8 cal/cm²; but, is less than 25 cal/cm² even in a sun-light ,packaged with 8.1 oz. & it feels soft. Better fire resistant more comfortable. Stay enforced for up to 50 washes. Standard for electrical safety in the work place.