When thinking of jobs that use fireproof clothing, our minds go straight to firefighters. This is true. But did you know that there are many other jobs that use or should use fireproof apparel including fire retardant shirts?

Firefighters aren’t the only workers placed in dangerous environments. And fireproof clothing doesn’t only protect workers from building or woods fires. Fire clothing protects against flash fires, electric arcs, and combustible dust explosions

Because of the wide variety of protection that fireproof clothing offers, it’s a tool of the trade for several industries. Not sure what different industries would benefit from fireproof clothes?

Keep reading to learn about 7 different industries that need fireproof clothing! 

1. Electricians

Ever had a shortage or electrical fire in your home or office building? The first thing anyone would tell you to do in that situation is to clear the area and call a licensed electrician. Why?

Because handling any type of electrical issue is tremendously dangerous.  

The work environments for electricians is filled with many dangers. And work areas can sometimes reach extreme temperatures. They use different types of equipment for welding, cutting wires, and more. 

Electrical burns and electrical shock are both possible injuries that could be reduced or eliminated by wearing fireproof clothing. And because electricians work alone, their risks of being injured is even greater. This is why it’s even more vital for them to wear the proper flameproof work wear.

2. Electric Utility Line Workers

Have you ever been caught up in the middle of a bad storm and had your power go out? Being left with no power isn’t fun. But being the person to fix the problem in extreme weather conditions is even less of a good time. 

Electric utility line workers are placed in extremely dangerous conditions quite frequently. They are continuously working with live electrical wires. And if live electrical wires weren’t dangerous enough, they most often deal with them in harsh weather conditions.

The harsh weather conditions make working with these wires even more dangerous. And these workers are at risk of contact with high-voltage materials and equipment and risks involved with welding and cutting. Fireproof clothing is the best way to ensure optimal safety while on the job. 

3. Mine Workers

If claustrophobia isn’t enough for you to understand the high risks involved with mine workers, then the long list of other risks might do it. 

Mine workers most prominent threat while on the job is flash fires. Flash fires are fires that last at the most 3 seconds. And they can severely burn a worker’s face or hands. 

Flash fires are known for sending its victims into a brief moment of unconsciousness. The best way to receive the least amount of injuries as possible is to wear fireproof clothes. These clothes will help the victims escape to safety from the flash fires.

4. Pharmaceutical Plant Workers

Workers in pharmaceutical plants are also at risk of flash fires. Because of the variety of chemicals surrounding workers in this industry, flame resistant clothing is essential. Again, flash fires can cause workers to have burns on their hands and face. 

And at the worst, these fires can cause death. So it’s best to wear fire resistant clothing.

5. Chemical Plant Workers

Chemical plant workers are at risk of chemical contact and large chemical spills or splashes. Radiation and equipment cause high temperatures in the workplace. And there are even risks of radiation exposure.  

Working in a chemical plant exposes you to many dangers. But in case of any chemical fires, workers wearing flameproof clothes would be much less at risk than those not.

6. Oil & Gas Industry Workers

There is a constant risk of fire when working in the oil and gas industry. So if you’re planning on starting a job in this career, then you might want to consider buying some fireproof clothes. In this industry, workers are required to wear protective gear.

This gear protects against equipment and machinery used for the job as well as chemical or fume exposure. Chemicals and fumes can cause damage to skin, eyes, respiratory and brain functions, and much more. 

7. Pulp & Paper Industry

While working for the pulp and paper industry may seem harmless, there are actually quite a lot of risks involved. And when you take a minute to really think about it, it makes a whole lot of sense. Imagine being surrounded by wood, paper, and all the other materials needed in a pulp and paper industrial warehouse. 

The risk of a fire breaking out is pretty large. Workers are also exposed to chemicals like sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, and others. Flash fires, electrocution, and combustible dust explosions are all dangers that surround the workers in this industry.

By wearing clothing that is fireproof, workers will dramatically reduce the risk of severing damage caused by fires or explosions. 

When To Wear Fireproof Clothing

If you’re courageous enough to have a career in or are planning on having a career in one of these industries, then the world commends and appreciates you greatly. We need people like you to complete the duties that not everyone is brave enough to do. So please, keep yourself safe.

You need to wear all the proper gear and clothing to ensure your safety at all times. You need fireproof clothing on your back every time you walk into the workplace. And remember, even the most harmless-seeming jobs can actually be quite dangerous. 

This is not a full list of all job industries where the workers are at risk of fire and explosions. So if your career is in one of these industries, then consider purchasing fireproof clothing. Head over to our products page now to start shopping.