How To Choose Your FR Work Gloves

Choosing the right FR work gloves is extremely crucial for your safety. For those of us working with our hands keeping them safe is crucial for our work. We cannot afford not working, the safety equipment we use determines our safety. The basic fact is that you do not want to work with flammable gloves. Work burn related injuries are a major issue and many of those injuries can be prevented.  Statistics provide by  Occupational Safety and Health Administration account for more than 5000  injuries each year. Choosing the right FR clothes and equipment may help reduce work related burn injuries.

Why Do I need FR Gloves?

FR gloves protect your hands from burns. Many welders and Arc workers are using gloves that will catch fire. FR treated gloves are your best defense. The gloves will not catch fire and burn and by that protect your hands. To simplify regular gloves will catch fire and burn and FR gloves will not.

UrShield FR Gloves

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