A Grill Master’s Buying Guide to the Best BBQ Aprons

Are you looking for a new apron that you can use when you grill? If so, then you’ll want to consider the safety behind whichever one that you choose.

While the grills on the market today are safer than ever, there’s always going to be a risk with fire. It’s one of the most dangerous and uncontrollable elements in the world.

Don’t just look at the aesthetic of a BBQ apron when you buy it. You also need to consider how well that apron will protect you from fire. See below for several BBQ aprons and other BBQ accessories you might need.

1. Fire Resistant Canvas Apron

We are proud to present the first BBQ apron to actually be fire retardant. This apron is made from the same FR fabric we make our FR shirts for men.

As the name would imply, this high-quality canvas welding apron is made out of 100-percent heavy-duty canvas and gives its owners a fire-retardant option for their cookouts.

This version of BBQ apron also has 6 pockets of various sizes, allowing you to hold items such as your smartphone, meat thermometer, spatula, knife (with a cover on it), sunglasses, and so on.

Unlike the leather apron, the canvas BBQ apron has a cross-hatch strap on the back of it to ensure a snug (yet comfortable) fit. It also has a strap that goes around the waist to make sure the apron never goes too low while you grill.

It covers the entirety of your chest and stomach, reaching all the way down to the middle of your thighs. This apron also comes with a money-back guarantee that promises a customer’s satisfaction with their purchase. You can buy it for only $29.99.

Whether you’re cooking burgers for the entire family or taking it slow cooking a tri-tip roast, you’ll be fully protected from fire and splatter.

Consider purchasing his and hers BBQ aprons so that you and your spouse have the right size of apron no matter who’s grilling. With these tough-looking aprons, you’ll both take pride in your work!

2. Cowhide Leather Apron

If you’re going to be spending some serious time at the grill, then you need the best apron in the industry to keep you protected. Grills can get up to 550-degrees Fahrenheit, so you need to protect yourself from the heat and the fire.

heavy-duty leather apron is a perfect solution. It’s the preferred apron choice of professional welders everywhere due to it’s fire-resistant cowhide leather material.

It has up to 6 pockets for storage, giving you a place to put your spatula, bottle opener, tongs, beer bottle, and so on. 

The leather material also helps with the duration of the product. This apron is built for the long haul, meaning you won’t have to purchase another BBQ apron for a long time to come.

This apron’s material makes it among the comfiest to wear. You can place it over any outfit and not feel uncomfortable while you cook. 

There’s also a money-back guarantee that assures you the leather apron will fit your need and comfort while you grill out.

The different straps around the neck and waist ensure that you find a perfect fit every time. It’s also a budget-friendly price of $30.99 for a durable apron that will last you several years.

3. Fire-Retardant Shirt

Perhaps you’re not one to wear an apron. You’d rather invest in a shirt that offers the same benefits instead.

If that’s you, then you will love this fire-retardant henley t-shirt. It guarantees your safety by protecting you from flames and splatter that come from opening the grill while the meat is being cooked.

It’s made of 100-percent treated cotton which offers protection from fire while staying cool and giving a comfortable fit no matter your body type. The treatment ensures that the material won’t melt or drip when you need it most.

This shirt is normally used by professional welders and electricians while they work, so you know it’s safe. It has a lightweight feel which is perfect for grilling during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. 

4. Heat Resistant Cowhide Gloves

What’s the body part that’s most in danger whenever you grill? It isn’t your chest or your stomach… it’s your hands. You place them over the fire in order to turn the meat, check the temperature, move the coals around, and so on.

All it takes is one flare-up from the grill’s flames and you’ll be dealing with third, second, or first-degree skin burns.

Regardless of whether you’re wearing a fireproof apron or a henley t-shirt, you’ll want to protect your hands while you cook. For that, you should consider purchasing cowhide gloves.

They’re heat resistant and extend all the way down over your wrists and forearms to ensure maximum protection. If you want something a bit shorter, then you can invest in the split cuff gloves instead.

You can place the gloves that you pick inside the pockets of your fire-resistant BBQ apron while you work. Then, whenever you go to open the grill’s lid, you’ll remember to slip the gloves on for maximum safety. 

Find the Best Heavy-Duty BBQ Apron and Gloves for Your Needs

Now that you’ve seen an in-depth guide to the best BBQ apron and grilling equipment on the market to protect you, it’s time to purchase the right ones for your need.

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